February 12, 2008


Photo By Pamela Hansen

So our offices are moving to a new building, one that is far away from Times Square, and even farther from my house. As of right now, my desk is stark naked, except both of my Rolodex, the latest issue of L’Uomo Vogue, a shoot folder and my phone.

It has been such a rushed month so far, I have such a long list of things to do, and all I can think about are red velvet cupcakes. Last week in the midst of all the chaos I decided to pick up some Sudafed, to relieve the symptoms of my cold, and by accident took the drowsy formula, putting me in a daze for hours, but I am beginning to think I am still under the influence of Sudafed as my list is still here and nothing has been crossed off. I need to send in my taxes, or rather I need to send over all my documents to my accountant, and I desperately need to get some new music. The same play list has been on repeat for weeks now.

Thank goodness that I have a four day weekend, even though when I know I have lots of time, I put things off until the very absolute last minute.


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